Wednesday, January 11, 2012

count along with me

milo is 15 months old.

he has 14 teeth.

he is 33.5 inches long and 25 pounds, which means we can turn his carseat around to face forward.

i asked his dr. about height predictions, if they can measure his hands or something along that line. i was told that they don't really do that, but he said that the two ways they can project height is to:

1. take the median height of the parents (6 feet 0.5 inches) and add a couple of inches, which would put milo at 6'2.5", give or take.


2. you can take the childs height at 2 and double it. so if milo continues on the trajectory of the 96% in height (which has been consistent thus far), then he'll be about 6'2".

he repeatedly reminded me that these are just estimates. theory number one holds true if i apply it to my height (derived from my parents' median), but would not hold true for my brother. i think milo's gonna be taller.

moving on, and away from the number game, milo has decided that his 2012 habit of sleeping in till 6 or later is not a habit, but just a one week gift of bliss.

maybe someday we'll go back there, where birds fly over the rainbow, and life is in technicolor, and getting up before 6 am is entirely my own choice, and not demanded of me.

meanwhile, i count my blessings in footie pajamas. covered feet are slippery feet, and slippery feet have yet to figure out scaling the crib slats. as much as i dread milo waking up before 6 am, i would hate to wake up to the thud and ensuing cries of him escaping from the alcatraz crib.

Monday, January 9, 2012

spoke too soon.

yesterday milo woke up at 4:45, and though i went in to assure him that it wasn't time to get up yet, and laid him back down to sleep, it was a struggle. he maybe slept 20 or 30 more minutes intermittently, and at 5:45, i gave in.

and he only got one nap yesterday after we got back from church.

this morning he woke up at 5:45... better than yesterday, better than 5, but still earlier than necessary, and too early enough that his crankiness shows that "mother knows best" when it comes to sleeping in.

i put him down for a nap at 10, he babbled till 10:15, and he's just woken up again...

i think it's gonna be one of those days.

Friday, January 6, 2012

new year, new tricks

milo has added a "stepping" motion to the dance moves that he uses to bust a groove when there's music playing. (it started as a head bobble, and then moved into a full-body-bounce, and now it's a combo all three.)

both his eye teeth are coming in. at first i mistakenly thought that his eye teeth were the ones next to the two front teeth, but they weren't, and now they're coming in. at this rate, i think this kid is going to have all his permanent teeth by the time he's four.

he's also started making kissing noises, only it seems he's just sucking in his bottom lip. i guess it's really more of a lips smacking noise. in the old year (2011), he was accomplishing this feat with fish-face-lips. now it's the lower-lip-suction-trick. and of course, if we repeat the noise/action, he gets all smiley and giggly.

there's one thing that's been surprisingly consistent since the new year rang in... i don't want to talk about it too much just for it to go away, but suffice it to say that i haven't gotten out of bed before 6 am since 2011. i'm really hoping this lasts...

we did a clean sweep of his hoard of outgrown toys and clothes, and the whole house just feels so much cleaner and more spacious and better organized. with his closest cleaned out of all the old clothes that no longer fit, we finally got around to rearranging things so that his shirts, pajamas and onesies are actually hanging, his pants folded on a shelf, and his socks are in a bin next to the pants. two of his empty dresser drawers are now storage space for his puzzles and legos and some other miscellaneous toys, while the top holds our overflow of dvds. meanwhile, the bottom shelf of his closet holds stuffed animals, and on the floor of the closet we keep his wooden toys and weebles collection.

all in all it's been a good start to the new year.