Thursday, May 23, 2013


two cow incidents came up recently.

the first is this:

the lady who lives above us sleeps above milo's room.  and she snores really loudly.  one night milo woke up, and was crying a little.  ben went in to see what was wrong, and milo pointed to the ceiling and asked "mooo?"

it was easier just to pretend that a cow lives upstairs who moos in the middle of the night.  much less scary than the snorey lady.

the second:

milo and i were visiting my parents up in door county, WI.  my mom and i were helping him settle down for bed.  we'd already read stories and said prayers and sung lullabies.  milo had a little toy cow that he wanted to sleep with, and he kept yelling out, "MOOOOO! MOOOOOOO! MOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and i told milo, "honey, the cow needs to be quiet, he needs to sleep, too."

and milo quietly whispered, "moooooooooo, moooooooooo, moooooooooo."