Monday, December 31, 2012

milo in 2012

the kid grows by leaps and bounds...

and it's no longer my day-job to document every waking moment of pure adorable.

ok, so maybe that wasn't my previous day job, but sometimes it felt like it.

anyhow, here are some of my favorites from the past 12 months that perhaps i forgot to document in the midst of all the changes that have taken place.  in no particular order.

if you have an "ow" milo will kiss it.  one time, we were playing with his toy cars, and we knocked heads, really hard.  i let out quite an exasperated "OW!" to which milo grabbed my head and pulled it to his face to kiss it better.

milo also refers to snow on his shoes as "ow" - and basically anything that needs fixing seems to be referred to as an "ow".

but he really is very affectionate.  milo LOVES to give hugs and kisses.  when he first started giving hugs, he would grunt.  then, there was a short time when he would say "gweeeeee" (squeeze) because i think there was a day or too when i would nacho libre hug him and said "anaconda squeeze" when i wrapped my arms around him.

sometimes milo comes in for what seems like a kiss to the cheek, and then he licks your face like a golden retriever that has been left alone all day being greeted by its master with rawhide and a bouncy ball.  we had a cat and now a fish, so i truly have no clue where he picked up that one.  and even though it's a lot slobbery and a little unsanitary, it still makes me laugh every time.

milo knows whose shoes are whose.  and he knows we all need our shoes on to go outside.  and he LOVES to go outside (though not as much as he loves trains... i think.)  he will often bring us our shoes.  although sometimes he thinks it's funny to put on a pair of my flats, put my purse on his shoulder, walk to the door and wave as he yells "bye!"  thankfully, more recently, he grabbed his elmo phone and his set of keys before trying to walk out on us.

his vocabulary continues to grow, while his ability to articulate is sauntering, but still, he's moving forward and that's the important part.  exhibit A: the other day ben brought milo with him to cabin coffee, which has a giant fake buffalo head above the kiddie section (genius by the way, wish every coffee house/cafe/keurig came with one).  ben helped milo to say buffalo by breaking it down, and milo managed to repeat it, though it sounded more like "BUH-BUH-BO!"  and he was SO proud.

when milo feels really adamant about what he's saying, he nods his head when he says it. "hot! ow!" while pointing to the lamp that he previously burnt his finger on when i wasn't looking.  (wait, what? that didn't happen. nooooooooo... i'm totally the perfect mother.)

milo sometimes gets duck-lips, especially when he says, "no-no!"

milo calls his mr. potato head "day-doh".

he calls animals by their sounds, not their names.  lions, tigers, bears, dinosaurs and other similar monsters are all "garrrr!"

when i was little, my grandma aloise - the artist grandma - would often tell me the story about one of her students from when she taught art.  he drew pictures with both hands, simultaneously.  one of milo's christmas presents was a chalkboard/easel from my parents.  he'll take a piece of chalk in each hand and scribble away till there's no chalkboard left, and it's comforting to see a spark of aloise living on.

milo is OB - SESSED with trains.  completely.  he loves the choo choo set grandma laura got him for his birthday, and all the subsequent thomas companions he's received since.  over thanksgiving we let milo experience the full greatness of trains.  we took him for a ride on the metra, for which there is a station mere blocks from my parents' house.  (you can hear the trains blow their whistle and chug along the tracks when you sit in their dining room.  at one point after getting to ride on the train, my parents were sitting with milo at the table, and a train blew it's horn in the distance.  milo looked up with a gasp and whispered, "choo choo!")  we ended up riding the train to two stations past our original departure plans simply because that train moves too stinkin' fast.  milo was filled with awe and terror, and with complete sincerity and reverence, i feel like a got a glimpse of what it means to fear God: to be so close to something so amazing, so cherished, and yet finally realizing just how big and loud and powerful that something is.  that's what i saw on milo's face the day we took him for a train ride.

(sorry to end on such a cheesy note, but that's all i got... HAPPY NEW YEAR!)