Tuesday, March 20, 2012

should i be worried?

i think i've mentioned the "purse" that milo sometimes carries around in the crook of his elbow (it's actually a black manicure case).

he's also been known to take his chain of plastic rings and connectable toys, and wear it around his neck like a scarf or boa, just hanging down at his sides.

just now, he picked up a necklace - a very glittery, shiny, beady necklace - that i took off earlier and set down on the couch, and has been delighted with himself as he figures out how to put it on over his head, making soft squeals and high pitched hmmms and "aaahhhyyyyyyeeee"s...

this is just exploring, right? ;P

Saturday, March 3, 2012

ummm... close, but not quite.

milo has been such a ham lately; he had ben and i in hysterics the other night, and today he's had me giggling again at his antics.

he's started trying to make the piggy-grunty-oinky noises that ben and i make, only he doesn't fully get it. he curls up his lips and scrunches up his face and gets a little bit of that uvula-grunt going, but mostly just breathes heavy through his nose like a bull... his face reminds me of mickey rooney playing Mr. Yunioshi in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and he had us laughing so hard, because he just kept doing it.
i keep trying to get a picture of it, but every time i pull out my iPod or camera, he gets excited and tries to grab it, since i'm holding the device mere inches from his face... hopefully when ben's home we can figure out a way to distract him.

then earlier today, he was holding his hand up to his mouth and waving it away, almost like he was blowing me a kiss. i started mimicking him, and asking him "milo, can you blow kisses?" and showing him how to do it, accompanied with the tell-tale lip-smacking "mwah" of course.

he then proceeded to push his hand into his face, while groan/grunting, and just kept pushing, not flair-filled wave of a send-off.

he's such a little goof.

Friday, March 2, 2012

we're full of it! (and other clichés)

he pulled the rug out from under me

(in the kitchen we have one of those rubber-foamy-mats that help cushion your feet from the hard floor. milo likes to move it around. this morning, while i was standing on it and getting his breakfast ready, he tried to pull it out from under me. luckily for him, i was just stepping off of it. i bet he thinks he's so strong.)

egg on your face!

(while it's hard to realize just how much milo is growing from day to day, it's becoming extremely evident by what he's able to reach that use to be out of his grasp. any item on the kitchen counter, dining room table, or living room hutch must be several inches from the edge. or else milo will see it and grab it. in my early morning stupor of making the usual scrambled eggs for milo, i left the mug of freshly cracked yolks and whites on the counter while i rummaged for ketchup in the fridge. milo grabbed it, and literally had egg on his face. as well as all down the front of his pajamas. and all over the floor. breakfast was delayed while we cleaned up.)

and then he pooped!

(okay, so that's not a cliché, but it's in reference to the title of this post. so there ya have it.)