Tuesday, October 23, 2012

quite the lady's man

ben, milo and i headed up to rochester MN this past weekend for ben's cousin's wedding.  the church is located in lake city MN, the reception at a golf course in frontenac MN, but scoping out the most wallet-friendly saturday night stay put us in rochester.

the next morning, we decided to scope out a park near the shopping mall.  it has an interactive school bus that milo simply couldn't get enough of...

until a little girl, the same size as milo, and only half a year older, decked out in pink leggings, matching pink jacket, and coordinating pink knitted boots showed up.  then it was run around in delight.

(oh, and also the night before, when all the cousins graciously entertained him by running around the golf course like a heard of sheep, milo bringing up the rear and laughing ferociously.)

they played on the bus together.  they took turns on the slide.  they gave each other playground pebbles.  when it was time to go, we started prepping milo, "okay buddy, one more time down the slide, and then we have to say bye-bye."  he was taking it pretty well, but when we told him to say bye to his new friend eva, he ran up to the playground equipment, scaled the toddler-sized ladder to reach the platform she was on, and they gave each other a hug.

and then he kissed her on the cheek.

poor girl didn't even see it coming.  it was milo's first kiss.  this little girl's first kiss too, probably.  (she seemed to be flattered - but a kiss from milo, who wouldn't be?!)  she was also with her daddy.  and milo didn't even ask please, let alone her father's permission... hopefully he won't press charges ;P

meanwhile, milo's vocabulary seems to be increasing by the fistfuls.

he now says:
nuunuu (noodles)
waaah, waaah? (wash, as he puts his hands out and turns them back and forth; he loves to be clean.)
ahh ben (all better)

and i FINALLY heard  wuh-woo (love you), that one came out on his second birthday

doo (two - we'll ask him, "milo, how old are you?" "DOO! YAAAYYY!!!!" and he claps his hands.  then we'll ask, "milo, are you five?"  "noooooooo."  "are you 13?"  "nooooooooo."  "are you 87?"  "noooooooo."  all with a sing-songy-playful tone and a big smile.)

boon (spoon)
dgee! (cheese, both for cottage and block cheese)
breh (bread)
bob (for Bob the Builder)

the cutest of his newest words is "c'mon!"  which comes out as a high pitched "MONuh!"

he'll also mimic-sing bob the builder's theme song.  doesn't get the syllables right, but the number of syllables, the tune of each syllable, and often the starting sound for the first few syllables are all spot on.  he's such a smarty pants.

and most recently, milo repeated, "okay"... except it sounds like he's saying "a gay! a gay!"