Tuesday, February 12, 2013

daily affirmations

who needs a mirror when you have a two year old who's willing to on-demand repeat every.single.word. that you say?

in an effort to help milo continue improving his communication skills we have been having him repeat things after us. when he points to the fridge and does his half-whine/half-grunt, we'll ask him "Milo, do you want some juice?"  he'll nod and pitifully respond "uh-huh. djoo!"so we'll say "okay Milo, then you need to say" (and at this point, we pause so he can repeat each word individually) "mommy" "can" "you" "please" "get" "me" "some" "juice" ("mah-ee" "can" "ooh" "pee" "get" "me" "dum" "djoo!")

lately i've been throwing in some "mommy" "you" "are" "so" "pretty" "can" "you" "please" "get" "me" "some" "juice" type affirmations... i like to mix it up with "you are the best ever" "you are so smart" etc. etc.

it takes a little longer, but he's really been picking up a lot of new words this way.  and i, for one, am feeling great!