Sunday, August 5, 2012

gotta teach 'em young...

it's been absolutely gorgeous all day today - high seventies, no humidity, bright blue skies, and a little breeze.  so after milo's nap, we decided to take him out to a park so he could run and play and explore and climb.

but first we decided to stop for ice cream at a local coffee shop.

now, in case you haven't seen ben in a while, he's been growing out his beard, since for the last 5 years he's had to keep any facial hair neat and trim (which usually meant a goatee).  along with the grizzly man beard, he's got a full-fledged cookie duster.  so as we were eating our ice cream, ben's mustache would catch some, and he wasn't getting it cleaned off fast enough for milo's liking.

milo was sitting on ben's lap, and i was giving him spoonfuls of ice some from the cone that ben and i were sharing.  i also gave milo a napkin to wipe his hands and face, because he's become a bit of a neat-freak and doesn't like it when his hands get sticky or dirty.

so we're all eating ice cream and loving it, except for that aforementioned bit of ice cream that kept getting caught on ben's mustache.  milo decided to take it upon himself to use the napkin i gave him to wipe ben's face clean.  it was pretty great to watch him with furrowed brow cleaning up after his daddy.  i did happen to catch video of it, but sadly i used my phone instead of my iPod, and i have yet to figure out how to get it transferred.

then when we got to the park, ben grabbed a frisbee from the trunk for him and i to toss while we followed milo around the playground.

milo decided he wanted to join in, so we would through the frisbee out, it would land on the ground, and milo, with great excitement, would shout "i get it!"as he ran after the frisbee, fetching it as buoyantly as any golden retriever, and then run it back to us.  he would try and throw it, but at this point it's more of a flailing drop accompanied by a gleaming little boy proudly throwing his arms above his head.

(i got video of this, too, but again, on my phone.... which - without a data plan - seems to be the fort knox of my videos.  i'll be carrying my iPod or the digital camera with us from here on out.)

at this rate, we're thinking he'll be a pro-frolfer by the time he's ten.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

thar she grows!

milo's first two-year-molar has been sighted.  it must have been coming through for the past week (of which milo spent at grandma's daycare again, since ben has been working for his dad, and of course, i'm still in the 9-5 grind... cue dolly parton), because now it's about halfway visible...  it's the bottom left, and my guess is the bottom right isn't too far behind, but no matter how much i try to get him to roar like a lion so i can get a better look, i think he sees right through my games.