Sunday, May 20, 2012

two's company

along with other things i forgot to post about in my post about things i forgot to mention, milo got his second haircut.  more recently, he has another new freckle, in the crook of his left elbow.

i'm not entirely sure what to make of his two little dots.... they're so foreign, but he will never remember not having them.

also, i got a job, he's in daycare and we're moving (if you know us, you probably knew that, but just in case you didn't... there it is.)

thankfully he's in daycare with grandma until ben's done with work.  which also means he's down from two naps to one.  except on the weekends, because he still seemed to need two yesterday, and i'm hoping he'll want two today.

he makes a lion's roar by going "gaaaarrrrr" and he'll imitate a monkey with high pitched "ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

and every once in awhile, he'll wake up peacefully and simply say "all done."  i love it when he wakes up like that instead of screaming for us.