Wednesday, June 12, 2013

love lessons from our resident romeo

another maggie moment: they told me that maggie had been playing with a piece of paper, and when one of the workers went to throw it in the garbage, milo posted himself between the worker and the garbage, pointing his finger at the worker, he kept saying, "no, no, no!" until the worker returned the piece of paper to maggie.

the other night, milo patted my head and said, "wow, mom, your hair pretty!"  (although it sounded more like "wow mom, yoooh hayuh prih-eee!")  to which i replied, "thank you!" and he immediately responded, "you're welcome!" ("yoooh weldun!")

he knows how to woo the ladies!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

young love...

there's this adorable little girl at milo's daycare.  her name is maggie.  she also has blonde hair and blue eyes.  and she and milo are apparently gaga for each other...

  • they play together exclusively at free time
  • they sleep next to each other at nap time
  • they eat next to each other at meal time
  • milo will protect maggie if someone tries to take her toys
  • milo will also push the other kids out of the way (even if they're already sitting on a chair) just so he can stand or sit next to her

if you ask milo about her, he'll respond to you, "i like maaa-eeeee!"

and it just melts my little heart that milo has found his very own love.