Saturday, March 3, 2012

ummm... close, but not quite.

milo has been such a ham lately; he had ben and i in hysterics the other night, and today he's had me giggling again at his antics.

he's started trying to make the piggy-grunty-oinky noises that ben and i make, only he doesn't fully get it. he curls up his lips and scrunches up his face and gets a little bit of that uvula-grunt going, but mostly just breathes heavy through his nose like a bull... his face reminds me of mickey rooney playing Mr. Yunioshi in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and he had us laughing so hard, because he just kept doing it.
i keep trying to get a picture of it, but every time i pull out my iPod or camera, he gets excited and tries to grab it, since i'm holding the device mere inches from his face... hopefully when ben's home we can figure out a way to distract him.

then earlier today, he was holding his hand up to his mouth and waving it away, almost like he was blowing me a kiss. i started mimicking him, and asking him "milo, can you blow kisses?" and showing him how to do it, accompanied with the tell-tale lip-smacking "mwah" of course.

he then proceeded to push his hand into his face, while groan/grunting, and just kept pushing, not flair-filled wave of a send-off.

he's such a little goof.

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