Sunday, November 14, 2010

lessons on self-preservation

i find that while i'm learning how to take care of milo, i'm also re-learning how to take care of myself; the importance of making sure i get enough to eat during the day, or getting enough sleep one way or another, or asking for help so that my brain doesn't explode and make a huge goopey mess for ben to clean up.

we had a late night last night. and milo's sleeping right now. i'm so very tired and i should be sleeping, too. i know i should. and yet i'm wandering aimlessly on the internet?

gahhh! apparently i'm still learning how to take care of myself and make healthy choices...

so that being said, while i really want to write a whole post on everything we've been up to and all that's happening with milo (i'm horribly overdue for a good post), i know it's better for me to take a nap right now.

i'd promise that i'll write more soon, but i've also learned i can no longer make promises that involve a definitive timeline, because with milo, it's very hard to keep those promises.

so i'll just say "good night" (even if it is "good morning").


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