Friday, February 18, 2011

peekaboo and picking battles...

milo has finally started getting into playing peekaboo.

getting him to laugh is still the ultimate prize that he doesn't hand out so easily, but we can definitely get some good smiles with the peekaboo game - that and blowing raspberries at him (the drooly-fart-sounding raspberries, not the delicious fruit).

figuring out what makes milo laugh is almost becoming a game to me. my friend's 15 month old son had milo in fits of giggles when we had a play-date not too long ago. every once in awhile, i can get milo to laugh with a new trick - like tickling his feet or putting him on my knees/legs while laying on my back and playing "airplane" - but then it's had to get him to laugh again with the same thing that worked before.

then other times he'll just randomly start laughing, like when the lady at expert tire was telling us about their coupons and how they have a mechanic who's also named milo. i still can't figure that one out, but he was having a good guffaw as i held him standing on the counter while she rung us up, and i sure enjoyed getting to hear it.

on the opposite end of the spectrum, milo seems to be learning to pick his battles? i'm not so sure of the actuality of him consciously deciding "ok, this one isn't worth getting that worked up over," but in telling it to my mom (and her retelling it to others), that's the response i've gotten to what happened:

last weekend, as we were driving from the cities down to albert lea, milo was fussing a little in his car seat. ben and i comforted him as best we could, but he wasn't hungry (he had just eaten) and his diaper was fine, and really you could tell he was just being a little fussy.

finally he lets out this emphatic, discontented sounding sigh, and that was the end of his fussing.

he's such an expressive little guy, both vocally and in facial expression. it's usually not too hard to figure out how he's feeling (happy, sad, mad, etc.)... figuring out the why on the latter of those emotions is what tends to be the hard part. ("milo, what's wrong? are you tired? hungry? full of gas? want to play?") lately though, i've been finding that it's when he's overtired that he gets the most upset.

otherwise, he's still a pretty easy baby, and we're counting our blessings every day.

(makes me a little nervous for the next baby though - not that one is on the way! but sometimes i wonder if our next child will be the *un*easy ying to milo's yang...)

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