Saturday, September 17, 2011

project babyproof still underway...

we finally moved both mine and milo's dressers into the living room to replace the tv stand. while we now have to venture into the living room to retrieve any clothing we want from the dressers, it's worth it to have the tv and electronics higher, and thus out of milo's reach.

we've also relocated my desk - which used to be in the living room - to the bedroom. another one less headache to have to worry about milo trying to scale or maneuver around or bump into.

overall it's been a huge sense of accomplishment to feel the house getting more organized and cleaner as we sort through clutter and move furniture, and not having to constantly redirect milo from the same issue over and over again is probably the biggest thrill of all.

see ben? we don't have to move every year, you just have to let me rearrange the house every couple of months. ;)

now if we can find a new home for the cat. a lady and her 4 year old daughter called on the flyers i put up; they're supposedly coming today to meet kittles. maybe this one will actually work out - the last call i got was from a high school girl who's mom is "kind of allergic" (according to the teeny-bopper)... i'm guessing that one's not gonna happen. mom and 4 year old? i have high hopes for them.

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