Monday, November 21, 2011

ummm.... little help please?

so who's got the anti-climbing serum for my child who has not only discovered how to climb chairs, but has also discovered that if the chair is next to the dining room table, he can now reach all the forbidden treasures (like pens and bubbles and the flower vase filled with water and tigerlillies - eep!)

i guess we're back to that ever-vigilant "i've got my eye on you!" (because ears aren't enough for the moment) patrol...

on the bright side, the vase he knocked over didn't fall to the ground and break, my flowers got fresh water (i've heard you're supposed to change it regularly to help them last longer), and this will be extra incentive to keep our table clutter free.

also on the up and up (pun intended), i've been working with milo over the past several days on teaching him how to get down safely - sit down, turn around, touch your toes, then your nose... oh wait, that's something else ;P

but for realsies, my neighbor friend encouraged me to teach him how rather than letting him get frustrated over being stuck up wherever he'd gotten himself to (i was hoping it would deter him, but obviously it hadn't), and just now, as he was up on the chair and i'm sitting next to him typing away, he went through the motions i'd been teaching him, and he got DOWN from the chair. way to go, milo!

currently he's babbling at the back door, my keys in hand, trying to reach the doorknob as he pushes the keys towards it. (what a smartypants!) i don't let him play with my keys often, but i figured he deserved some kind of reward for his newest trick. :)

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