Saturday, December 17, 2011


  • it's been several months (at least?) since i've taken a picture of milo... which is way too long.
  • milo likes to squirrel away his "treasures" - the other day i found ben's flip-flops, a sippy cup, a few books, some of his magnetic letters, and a wooden spoon in our front loading washer. when his pack n play is open, he loves to help me "clean" by picking up whatever's strewn about (toys, the paper, the lint roller, more sippy cups, the remotes, etc) and dropping it in the giant cage. he's also recently hidden my nail polish; it's been several days and i still have no idea where he's put it.
  • milo had his first major fever (at it's highest 104 - our pediatrician said he doesn't really start to get worried till 105 or 106). we could tell he was sick when he cuddled with ben for several hours on a saturday morning - this boy normally has too much to do to ever want to cuddle for more than a minute, with the exception of his "i just woke up, but i'm not really awake yet" morning/post-nap routine. even then, 20 minutes later and he's ready to hit the road.
  • we had to barricade the tree from milo. so after a little rearranging, the tree is now in the corner of our living room, behind the couch. it's only decorated from the bottom half up.
  • still in the land of fallen chairs, i had to put our nativity scene on the dining room table - it was the only other prominent safe-spot in our home out of his reach... i dream that some day we'll have fun setting it up together when milo isn't more interested in chewing off the turban of wise man #3.


  1. Sorry to laugh! But I find it comical the similarities from your home to mine. Our Christmas also has no decorations on the bottom 3 feet. Our nativity scene is currently missing the Baby Jesus. I found him in the freezer Friday evening. He has been MIA since Saturday morning. Fisher Price makes a great "little people" nativity set. We have this....Baby Jesus is also missing from this set. Happy Holidays!

  2. ha! that's too cute that they're so fixated with baby Jesus. :)