Wednesday, July 25, 2012

book worm.

milo's new thing when we're getting him ready for bed each night is that he doesn't want us to read the book, he just wants to hold it to his chest, arms wrapped around it like he's hugging a dear fuzzy friend, while we recite bedtime stories from memory, and pray, and sing lullabies.

his book of choice is always Grover's New Kitten, which actually belonged to me from when i was a child, and i loved it.

when it comes time to lay him down, he doesn't cast the book aside or want to put it away or give it back to us. oh no sir. (or ma'am.)  he continues to keep his arms loosely cradling its sturdy cover and board-book pages.

we put him in his crib with a kiss and well-wishes for a good-night slept tight, and he rolls over on top of the book, content.

come morning, the book is usually in some opposite corner, but by evening, he needs it in his arms once again.

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  1. This is possibly the nerdiest and most adorable child ever. Just sayin...