Tuesday, October 29, 2013

wedding bells already???

tonight as i was helping milo get his coat off, he started to throw a fit when i wanted to put his glove in his pocket, and he kept shouting, "my ring! my ring!"

the zipper was stuck, so i asked him if he wanted help fixing his zipper and getting the ring out of his pocket.  the crocodile tears ceased immediately, "yeah," he replied, cool as a cucumber.

i get the zipper unstuck, and a bulky, grey, plastic "ring" that i'm quite certain was originally a 6-point wrench (had to google that one).

i asked him if it was his ring, again, ever so coolly, "yeah."

"are you going to give it to maggie?" (at daycare today, they informed me that he calls her "my maggie" as in, "where's my maggie?")


"you gonna ask her to be your wife?"


they grow up so fast.

also, on the way home, milo was telling me about playing with maggie, and how she's with her mommy right now, and then he went straight for my heart and said, "everyone needs their mommy!"

wise beyond his years.

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