Tuesday, December 7, 2010

burning the candle at both ends...

i keep finding myself trying to do too much, and then burning myself out...

on top of taking care of milo day and night (ben helps on his days off and when he gets home from work, but otherwise, it's a matter of trying to do anything around milo's schedule of eating, pooping, burping and cooing, the last of which he hasn't really started yet, but is suppose to start happening soon), there's also the daily task of eating (which also means preparing food) and bottles and dishes to wash, the bi-weekly task of laundry, and then what i like to call "the want-to's" - the things that don't need to get done for our family to function:

i want to exercise 3-5 times per week. i want to keep the house picked up and organized. i want to stay on top of the bills that need to be paid so that ben doesn't have to worry about them and/or we don't get late fees. i want to keep up with my blogging/pictures of milo. i want to keep working on my art and pursuing that as another source of income for our family. i want to re-organize milo's closet.

on top of which, we're still in the process of getting our home organized and in order from having moved in barely 2 months ago, and welcoming milo to the mix just one week after the move...

suffice it to say, life still feels a little chaotic, and i'm still learning how to get into the swing of things, and how to let go on some things and give myself more grace (as ben keeps telling me i need to do.)

but we're all healthy, milo isn't sleeping through the night yet, but he does get some longer stretches in, he just had his 2 month check-up, got his vaccines and is growing in height and weight at a healthy rate (he's at about the 57th percentile for both), so i know we have to count our blessings.

and now milo's resting on my chest after just having finished a bottle and burping (ahhh, the joys of multi-tasking!), so i should probably grab some food myself.


  1. This was super hard for me too! I know this is going to sound so cliche' to say....but don't worry about the mess. It will still be there later. Enjoy every second you have with little Milo & be happy that you have the opportunity to be a stay at home Mommy. (I'm so jealous by the way!!) Before you know it he will be off to school. I still can't believe mine are going on two years old. Everything will work out, and you will find your routine very soon. But I definitely understand wanting to be Super Woman! Milo is lucky to have such a great Momma!

  2. thanks so much, Janet! and i agree - i can't believe how big your girls are getting! time goes by WAYYYYY too fast :P