Saturday, December 25, 2010

emperor's new clothes...

since this one isn't really about milo, i'll start with a brief update to satisfy the masses ;P

- we're getting better at figuring out a sleep schedule where he'll sleep at least 5 hours to start, and then usually 3 hours and 2 hours, or something close to that. i'm hoping to continue to figure out this sleep schedule better and stick to a routine so that the waking-every-other-hour nights become non-existent; those nights are still so hard on me.

- he's started smiling on a schedule, too. usually late mornings, he gets a major case of the smiles, and it keeps me from losing my marbles on mornings when we've had a rough night.

- not a huge fan of tummy time, he'll be content for maybe a few minutes tops, and then wants to be on his back again to look at the toys hanging from the play-mat. but he's becoming more content on his own (on the play-mat or in the swing) for longer periods of time while he's awake, which is helpful for me in still trying to get more stuff done throughout the day.

- he doesn't nap well on his own in the crib, but if we're holding him or he's in his swing, we can get him to nap for at least an hour or so, again, very useful for getting stuff done (or catching up on sleep, myself).

onto the clothing issue. i feel like i'm trying to grow my hair out, only worse, because it's my body, and i can only manipulate it so much (very unlike an awkward phase in hair length which can easily be bobby-pinned, hair-sprayed or pulled-back into submission). i'm torn between buying clothes that fit me now, but which i plan to no longer fit into in a matter of months (the goal is only three, but possibly up to six). for christmas i received several gift cards towards target, and one towards kohl's. my dilemma is do i continue to wear clothes that are uncomfortably too small (if only just barely, as i find ways to make them fit), or do i give in and buy clothes that fit me comfortably? the latter is so tempting, and with the fact that i have a plethora of clothing from my pre-preggo days that fit me quite nicely, once i'm ::ahem:: "a few" pounds lighter, i'd very much like to go to on a shopping spree tomorrow or monday to pick out some new duds.

but the "practical" side of me says, "no zoe, just hold out. you have enough clothes that more or less fit you, and it's more incentive to stay on the straight and narrow of healthy eating and regular exercise (which i haven't been very good at this past week and a half) if your clothes are uncomfortable. save the gift cards until you've reached your goal weight, and then enjoy splurging on the new clothes."

and then the jiminy cricket of social justice who loves to hang out on my back burner whispers in my ear, "zoe, even with giving a bunch of your old clothes to good-will recently, you still have way more clothes than you need. there are people with no clothes what-so-ever. if you want to get more new clothes, then you really should give away the clothes you have in storage."

and can you see why i get so indecisive sometimes? uffda.

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