Friday, January 21, 2011

another milestone: (they say it's the best medicine out there...)

milo is about three and a half months old now.

with how fast he's growing, grandma & grandpa z decided to give him his first pair of red cowboy boots before they headed back to chicago. they're antiques that my dad found, and they're a little big on him, but he'll probably outgrow them soon enough, and they give him that bit of extra support in his exersaucer that i think makes the whole thing more enjoyable for him.

(without the boots, only his tippy toes touch the bottom, and then just barely... technically, we're supposed to wait another half month and until milo can sit up on his own - and by that i think they mean not being propped up - until he can be in it. but he's getting so big that he almost fits, and he has pretty good control of his neck muscles, so i've been putting him in it for a little while now... gives me a few extra minutes each day to try and get stuff done.)

anyhow, with three people giving him all sorts of undivided silly attention, and his new boots, and his exersaucer, milo was just having a grand ol' time.

and then it happened.

grandma was holding him and playing with him, making fun noises and such, and he's smiling with his mouth wide open the whole time when suddenly he let out the cutest little laugh. i suppose it was more like a chuckle really, just a two-bit little "ha-ha."

but we've all been so anxious to hear him laugh, as i could tell he's been on the verge of laughing for awhile. i'm excited to try and get more out of him.

laughter is good for the soul. :D

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  1. Hi Zoe,

    I enjoy reading your blog! And yes, there is nothing that compares to a baby's giggle. It's a guaranteed mood booster for whoever is listening! I would love to see a picture of your sweet Milo but don't have a facebook account. Could you email me at Thanks. Penny