Monday, May 16, 2011

one, two, buckle my shoe...

well, the very next day after milo's first tooth sprouted, a second tooth began to emerge right next to it, and at this point has already started to cut through as well. on top of this, he's become quite the hungry, hungry hippo when it comes to those mushy solids - even green beans! carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, he opens wide for all of it, sometimes chomping down repeatedly, like a mini-golf obstacle, and i have to practice my timing to make sure i get that spoon all the way in his mouth while it's wide open.

he's also trying to blow raspberries. so far this has consisted of accumulated drool gathering between his lips, and a little humming noise. sometimes his tongue tries to sneak through, but all it does is bring more drool with it.

and the pièce de résistence? today milo successfully scooched himself forward instead of backward! it was only a few knee shuffles, but it was in the right direction - our boy is officially figuring out how to crawl. we even got a repeat performance after ben got home so he could see it too.

pretty exciting stuff in the land of baby. :)

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