Monday, May 2, 2011

what's new, pusscat? whoa-whoa-whooooaaa!

milo has discovered the cat, and the cat doesn't seem too happy about it.

it probably doesn't help that the other night, ben was holding milo in a super-man pose as they chased the cat around the house, ben chuckling maniacally as milo laughed in pure delight at every lunge towards the furry feline. it was hard to tell what ben was enjoying more: getting milo to laugh or tormenting the poor cat (and i'm still not really sure, to be completely honest).

meanwhile, he'll probably grow up to believe that the cat's name is "be-gentle" as whenever the cat is nearby and milo is grabbing at her face, her tail, her ears, her fur, her many extra folds of skin, we help guide his fingers to avoid her eyes, her mouth, her butt, and we repeat the phrase over and over while helping him learn what it means to "be gentle" and giving the cat some much needed love and attention. the cat does seem to enjoy those moments with milo when we have him harnessed in our arms and under our control.

then there's the food. today he tried squash! he wasn't quite as enthusiastic about the orange-goop as he was about the pea-green-mush, but he also didn't refuse it as stubbornly as the rice-cereal-slop and the green-bean-gunk.

yesterday i didn't get around to feeding him any solids, and he woke up at 1 am angrier than a freshly-woken-previously-hibernating bear with its head stuck in a newly-established-void-of-any-honey, hornets' nest. probably hungrier too. despite my worries about introducing a middle-of-the-night-bottle after having weaned him from the habit so successfully, nothing was working to calm the little guy down, and i gave in. he guzzled down a whopping six and a half ounces.

lesson learned: make sure to feed milo at least one serving of solids, every. single. day.

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