Monday, August 1, 2011

in the land of nod...

last night milo slept from 8pm to 6 am. he didn't wake up once. (or if he did, i didn't hear it, because i slept from 9:45-ish(?) to 6 am.)

perfect. i'm really digging this whole "deep sleep at night" thing... waayyyyy better than not being able to sleep.

milo is also getting pretty proficient at standing on his own. ben has noticed that he's a lot better at it if he has something in his hands to focus on, but overall, his balance and standing-stamina are totally priming up for those first steps.

as for walking, he'll walk if we hold his hands and kind of walk him along, although he's well aware that he can get to things faster by crawling, so he often goes straight to that over edging along the furniture... especially when the cat is in sight.

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