Friday, August 26, 2011

lost in translation

he says "mama" "dada" "nana" and is quite the chatty kathy trying out other sounds, babbling and squealing and sometimes screaming... not crying screaming, just vocalizing louder than i'd prefer...

he's an energetic little fella, there's no doubt about it.

we've been working on establishing which one of us is mama and which one is dada, as he seems to babble "dada" all day long while ben is no where in sight, and then once ben gets home he'll babble "mama" here or there, although he did seem to say "mama" to me earlier today as i bent down closer to him while he was playing in another of the many somethings i wish i could better keep him out of.

we're also not sure if "nana" is for nap, banana, or no. he stinkin LOVES bananas... he'll gladly polish off an entire peel-full even after finishing a meal - definitely still growing. he also is very proud of his "no" head shaking skills, as mentioned in my last post. i doubt it's for nap, but all the same, it's fun to hear him trying out new syllables.

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