Monday, February 6, 2012

5 AM

milo's wake up call... every. single. morning.

oh except a little while ago when he slept till 5:20. but then this morning, he woke up at 4:20. not even close to balancing the scales. granted i got him to go back to sleep, but i didn't quite get that luxury, though i did try.

he also took a face plant to some asphalt on saturday when we were on a walking path up in the cities near minnehaha falls. now he has quite the scrape right between his eyebrows and on the bridge of his adorable little nose.

plus he's gibbering a whole bunch.

and then when i put him down for a nap this morning, he decided to put my heart through the ringer. i heard him mumbling something, so i went to his monitor and turned it up.

i see him laying there, kind of lazing around, and repeating "mamaaaa" "maaaama" "maaaaamaaaaaa"...

it was all i could do not to rush in there and pick him right up.

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