Monday, February 13, 2012

he's an angry little elf

i think it's time i stop posting about any sleeping successes with milo, as it seems whenever i do, he has a major relapse.

we're switching back to two naps - we attempted to do so today, since he decided to wake up at 3:45, and wouldn't go back to sleep except cuddled up on me on the couch... he got another hour and a half in this morning, but has been up since 7:20, and has screamed through any nap we try to put him down for.

i have no clue what his deal is... aside from a slight runny nose, a cough when he sleeps/first wakes up, and those last two canine teeth still coming in on the bottom, and ignoring the fact that he's obviously over-tired, which is making him a lot more prone to temper tantrums when things aren't going his way (i'm talking full on, hit the floor, kicking and screaming... sometimes he tries to throw in some syllables, like maybe if he can figure out our language we'll give him what he wants... at this point, if he were to look up at me and say "mommy, i want a pony" i might just say "okay, but only if you nap.") anyhow, those things aside, he seems fine, so maybe it's just the lethal combo of all those things...

ben's off work today; i'm both relieved and feel badly - neither of us have really gotten a break since milo got up. although ben did let me go back to sleep and then brought me breakfast in bed. what a keeper.

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