Wednesday, April 18, 2012

and how could i forget?

milo had his 18 month checkup on monday. he had his last shot of immunizations and that'll be it till his FIVE! yay! (excluding the flu shot, of course....)

he weighs 28 pounds and is 33.5 inches tall. (almost 3 feet!) the did a toddler autism spectrum questionnaire, all yes or no questions. one of them was "if your child oversensitive to noise?" to which i responded yes, since just the other day when i ran the vacuum cleaner, he started screaming and freaking out. turns out that's a typical sensitivity to noise, and milo's fully on the "normal" side of the spectrum (whatever "normal" means these days...)

and lastly, another new trick i forgot about, he's started blowing on his food, especially if it's how or he sees me blow on it. it's pretty cute how he puts his face mere inches away from the food on his tray, and makes more of a spitty, almost-raspberry, rather than a soft woosh of cool air.


  1. My kids STILL hide from the vacuum! They play in their room with the door shut while I quickly zip over the rugs. I used to have to put them both in the crib to keep them from freaking out.

    Conversely, I have a friend who said, "I wish my kid was afraid of the vacuum." Her little guy LOVED it and wanted to clean the floors 2-3 times a day :)

  2. My younger son eventually came to LOVE vacuums, and we even gave him a toy one for this 2nd birthday. We used to get pictures taken at Sears and would bribe him by telling him if he sat and smiled nice, then we could go look at the vacuum cleaners!