Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the sniff test

milo's newest accomplishment is smelling things.

he'll sit down, grab his foot, and showing off his great flexibility, put his toes to his nose and start breathing loudly through his nostrils. put that foot down, switch feet and repeat.

he's also picked up a pair of ben's boxers, puts them to his nose and inhales ferociously.

and his shirt. a blanket. my coat. the cat. the boy stops at nothing, he's now a sniff-wiz.

and finally, the other day i asked him to "give mama a hug," since he still didn't seem to connect me with the term mama. we were sitting on the couch and he lunged over to wrap his arms around me in a tight squeeze. totally made my day.

then for kicks, i asked him to "give mama a kiss," and to my great surprise, he put his mouth to my jawline and made a huge smacking "mwah!" i was able to get him to repeat this several times, but he hasn't done it since.

such a goofy little boy.

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