Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"here we gooooooo!"

so at the end of last august, i went off the pill, as ben and i decided that with his new job promotion, we'd be more financially stable to finally have a baby...

fast-forward 5 agonizing months later (it really hasn't been that bad - but i've been so excited to start "growing" our family, at first i'd get really bummed when the test turned out negative, or AF reared her ugly head... but the past few months i've been able to let go and leave it up to God's timing.)

it started with craving mushrooms. i used to hate mushrooms, but after ben and i started dating, and i discovered his love for mushrooms, i started getting used to them. if i had the option, though, i'd still usually pass on them... well lately, i haven't been able to get enough of them - convincing ben we should buy them at the grocery store, ordering them on my pizza, adding them to my omelets, sauteing them for my pasta, i even snuck them in the chili we made for everyone on superbowl sunday.

on top of this, "the twins" have been super sore and tender and sensitive, but i chalked it up to AF who was due to arrive in a few days, and tried not to think about it (or bump into anything)

and then i was a few days late... i thought, why not? i'll pee on a stick and see what happens (this was on monday, feb 8th).

i figured it would just be another negative, and we'd keep trying, but as i watched the screen, i started to notice not one, but TWO pink lines - albeit one was rather faint, but it was still there! ben wasn't convinced, though, and while i told him that there's really no such thing as a false positive, he didn't want to get too excited too early. so we bought some more tests and decided i would take another one in a few days.

well of course i couldn't wait, so i took one yesterday morning, and this time, a much more visible positive sign than monday morning's faint double lines! (i tested with two different brands)

yup. that confirms it. i'm pregnant.

and due to it all starting with craving mushrooms, "baby mushroom" seemed a completely appropriate nick name for our yet-to-be-born baby (we're gonna wait till baby mushroom is born to find out the gender).

i've already scheduled my first obgyn appointment - march 2, 10am, which includes an ultrasound so we'll get to see our baby mushroom in progress...

oh man oh man, i wish i could tell somebody... but of course we're not telling anybody yet, but i'm pretty much bursting at the seams. i want to tell every single person i see... but since we're waiting till i'm closer to being out of the first trimester, i figured journaling it all would be the best place to get out all of my excitement, emotions, etc.

(i'm still so happy)

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  1. I'm glad i started at the beginning so i know where the name came from...that's pretty funny.