Friday, February 19, 2010

the lights are on, but nobody's home...

so lately it's felt as though my brain has completely jumped ship.

i'm totally forgetful, i'll ask a customer if they want room for cream, i'll start filling the cup with coffee, and by the time it starts to reach the top of the cup, i've no idea what their answer was...

and it's been getting worse, i think. i'll miss turns when i'm driving home or to pick ben up from work, and so i'll have to turn around. i'll have no idea where i left my keys/purse/phone... and while i had been a little bit forgetful when it came to those things prior to pregnancy, i could usually retrace my steps in thought and figure out, oh yeah! they're on the counter! but now i don't even remember what happened from the time i got out of the car to how i got to wherever it is that i'm standing.

i'm starting to wonder if there's such a thing as gestational ADD... because i think that's what i have.

so every morning, before we leave the house, finding those essentials seems like the ultimate survival test. i need my purse/license to drive. i need my phone in case some emergency happens and i need to call ben. i need my keys to drive and get back into the house.... i'm hoping once we get the house unpacked, things will get better.

i'm also discovering another dirty little secret about pregnancy that no one ever tells you about... i now come complete with my own horn section, parked right in the rear.

so far i've been lucky enough that i've only had to "let loose" at home or in the bathroom when no one's around, but one of these days, i'm sure i'll be somewhere very public and very quiet, and one of those little buggers is gonna pop out, noisier than a trumpeting elephant, and i can only hope baby mushroom will be public knowledge by then, so i can simply shrug and say "woops! pregnancy butt!" and hopefully we'll all laugh it off, but i can just see the small town we live in gathering in whispered hushes, "see her? that's zoe. the farter."

(of course i'm not truly that paranoid about it... i just hope ben doesn't fear that i'll never return to my lady-like ways)

meanwhile, acne seems to be the new trend for my face....

but hey, i'll take gas and zits anyday over hovering over the toilet. (keeping my fingers crossed that morning sickness forgets to show up ever over the next 8 months)

baby is the size of a sweetpea this week, and i'm still just so excited, albeit fatigued, air-headed, gassy, and troubled with acne.... i'm okay with it. :)

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