Sunday, February 21, 2010

quick update...

so nausea seems to be trying to creep in... no losing of my lunch (or breakfast or dinner) has yet occurred, but it's that uncomfortable queasiness, like when you've been up all night and haven't eaten anything.

ben thinks it might just be my blood sugar getting low, and that i probably need to eat more regularly (ie - a healthy snack here and there between meals, don't worry mom, i'm eating breakfast everyday.)

speaking of mom, though, while ben and i had planned to wait until easter to tell anybody, i cracked after not even three days of holding in the secret and begged and pleaded with him that we tell our parents/siblings that very night over ichat... which is what we did. (hi moms and dads and siblings!)

and it's so hard when meeting new people and they ask, "so, do you have any kids?" not to respond with an immediate and overly enthused "why yes! we're baking a bun in the oven as we speak! this will be our first child, and we're waiting to find out the gender, and these are all the names that we're thinking of, and baby mushroom is due october 16th of this year! isn't it fabulous?!?!" but rather, to as coolly and calmly as possible mutter out a "oh, not yet... but someday..."

just six more weeks till easter... just six more weeks to hold my tongue.

(oh, and our small group guessed it... three separate times they asked, and by the third time, i couldn't resist.... but they all agreed to keep it confidential, and i have faith that they will. hi small group friends)

okay.... no more.... hush hush now! mum's the word! :P

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  1. ugh nausea; that's the worst...i hope it's never that bad for you.
    BTW it helps if you eat something every couple hours