Tuesday, February 23, 2010

too soon for maternity clothes?

i've been checking out target's and gap's line of maternity clothes...
embarrassed as i am to admit this, part of the excitement of getting pregnant is all the cute clothes available to us preggos these days. (ahhh! and it's still so mind-boggling that i'm now a member of the pregnant women's club, that i can refer to pregnant women, and i now can include myself in that category... it still doesn't feel real. i'm sure after our first ultrasound just a week from today things will start to sink in more.)

anyhow, so i'm looking at these clothes, and under the sale section for gap maternity, i found a pair of white corduroys, and literally this very morning, i drove a box of clothes over to the bargain box that no longer fit my size or style (and haven't for quite some time, actually; ben was very pleased to see me actually getting rid of stuff), including a pair of white corduroys that i used to LOVE (back when they fit me, anyhow)...

the problem is, most of my clothes have been fitting a little too tight for awhile now - and it's not baby mushroom growing at lightening speeds. frustratingly enough, i put on a "few" pounds thanks to the move and stress and adjustment and so on related to our relocation to wyoming. so months before i even got pregnant, my clothes were uncomfortable, and ben and i started working out and eating healthier, and that may have started to help matters, but then we started getting ready to move again, and then we discovered the fabulous news that has lead to this very blog, and so hard core workouts have been put on hold. and while i'm fully aware that it's perfectly healthy - even encouraged - to continue to exercise during pregnancy, assuming there aren't any unexpected risks, i also have no desire to over-exert myself and cut down on calories, thereby depriving my growing baby of much needed nutrients and energy just so my jeans can fit more comfortably for a few more months while i wait for maternity clothes to become an absolute necessity.

(by the way, baby mushroom is the size of a blueberry this week.) :)

and thus my dilemma. ben says it's too soon for maternity clothes. and not that i have any options here in town anyhow (kmart's selection is limited, to say the least), but we are going up to billings this weekend, plus there's always online...

and so as of lately, i try to pull off the rubberband trick (where you loop a rubber band through the buttonhole of your pants and then attach both ends around the button) to get a little extra moving room, but i can only do this with shirts that are long enough to hide the fact that my pants are unbuttoned and starting to unzip :\

(i've already got "the farter" rumor lined up for myself, let's not add more) :P

i'm leaning heavily towards a bella band, but oh how fun it would be to get some new clothes... especially after purging some old ones!

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