Thursday, February 25, 2010

pregnancy perm?

i think the hormones are making my hair curlier than it normally is... or i suppose it could be the well water that we've just switched to when we moved to the city's edge. but i'm gonna go with pregnancy hormones, because i can.

it isn't full out shirley temple spiraled locks, but i've definitely noticed a tighter curl than it's usual hint of waviness when i let it air dry.

this excites me greatly, as i've always wanted super curly hair, but my mom would never let me get a perm (she had a bad experience when she was twelve, involving a cut that was too short, and hair dressers that weren't paying attention, leading to her claim that she was the first white girl to sport an afro whenever humidity was on the rise...)

meanwhile, it's possible this nausea is attributed to the fish oil i've been taking in order to get the daily recommended amount of omega-3 and DHA for healthy fetal brain development (or something along those lines). so i'm taking a break from taking the supplement to test it out. we'll see. i've also heard that orange juice helps break it down faster, and thus eases nausea from taking fish oils (my coworkers/customers at rawhide must think i'm a total health nut for taking fish oil supplements.)

lastly, my beloved christina was telling me yesterday that she found flights from chicago to cody for $300 (expires in june, or something like that), and that she was thinking of coming to visit me. i read in dr. oz's "You:Having a Baby" (which i think might be the best pregnancy book ever... not that i've read many, but i've really loved how informative and witty it is, all rolled into one) that 30 hours of flight is the same as being exposed to one xray. that just about did it for me... so now i'm looking into travel costs by train, and it seems that wyoming is actually it's own island. as far as i can tell, there are no train stations for commercial travel anywhere in wyoming, and even in the surrounding states, the only ones i could find were as far away from the wyoming border as you could get without leaving the state.

what gives, wyoming? :\

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