Monday, March 1, 2010

turns out it's NEVER too soon! (once you're preggo, that is)

so ben and i are up in billings for a weekend getaway of kicks and giggles, and i'd like to say it's been life-changing, but that might be exaggerating a little too much, even for me. so let's just say it's been absolutely fantastically wonderful.

even though i didn't sleep very well in our hotel room last night (we were close to the lobby, and i'm finding i only sleep well every other night, and the night before i slept like a rock... at least i hope i get to sleep well at least every other night - that's only been a recent addition. usually i don't sleep well at all). and i woke up with a head cold that's left me foggier than a cheesy horror movie taking place in london. (i was already air-headed enough with the pregnancy brain, but add a headcold - and nothing i can take for it just to be safe for baby - and i find myself wondering if i should even be driving... luckily ben does most of that anyhow. i can only hope this clears up before i have to work on thursday.)

anyhow... so you may be wondering why i'd consider a weekend trip where i didn't sleep well and i have a head cold to be completely and totally fabulous. i promise you it's not just pregnancy brain logic.

i bought maternity jeans.

and oh, they're miraculous! (seriously? i may never buy a pair of regular pants again, they're just so comfortable and they fit so well... i'm almost in shock over it all. i was beginning to wonder if i'd ever be truly comfortable again outside of sweatpants and pajamas.)

and to be honest, i had no intentions of getting maternity pants (aside from the pair that i ordered from gap:maternity online because they were corduroys and on sale from $59.99 down to $19.99 - that's a steal for gap cords!). i figured it was too soon, and i'd have to wait till the mushroom bump had grown a little more - and whatever else plans to expand with it - hips, thighs, my honky-tonk badonka-donk? :P and right now, i'm pretty sure it's just bloating that's been causing all my pants to feel like a bear-trap , so i figured that the beband we picked up at target would be enough to hold me over until maternity jeans were an absolute necessity.

even just unbuttoning my khakis and putting on the beband over them (once we checked into the hotel) before heading out for lunch was a huge relief of comfortableness.

after we finished eating, i asked ben what he wanted to do next, and he offered to go check out the mall here and see what all they have. we got to talking about maternity stores, and i said that if there were any, i would like to take a peek just to see what's out there, and he was all for it.

so it turns out that the only maternity store at the mall (that we could find) was motherhood maternity, and i have to admit, while i was excited to finally be looking at maternity clothes (target's options were surprisingly limited, and their pants didn't come in tall sizes, so i was pretty much out of luck there - except for the beband), my expectations were low as far as what they carried and would it be long enough for me.

well the lady at the register was so completely helpful, and so enthusiastic and encouraging, i think ben was almost overwhelmed by her, and i was practically having a dance party picking out and trying on all the great finds. and they even had a sale going on. it was my lucky day.

so she gave me a pair of tall jeans to try on, and the fit beautifully - any self-conscious frustrations i had over how bloated i felt and how tight everything was fitting immediately melted away. but i then i began to worry - what happens when not only my belly has grown to be the size of a beach ball, but my thighs become tree trunks, the junk in my trunk has quadrupled in size, and my hips widen out to rival the grand canyon? (not that i honestly expect it to get that bad, but i'd like to be prepared, and i had no desire to get a pair of pants that would only last a few months before i had to get another pair of pregger pants, both pairs of which i wouldn't be wearing once baby mushroom arrives...)

well, little did i know i'd want to live in these jeans forever once she showed me the awesome little secret that is pregnancy jeans - she pinched the fabric at the seam by my hips, and pulled, and the entire side of my pant stretched out another 2 or 3 inches. or atleast that's what it seemed like.

turns out they make 'em super stretchy so that they grow as i grow. ha! take that pre-pregnancy jeans!

and then, not ONLY did i find jeans that i want to spend the rest of my life in, and i knew ben was okay with getting a few items, but i also know that we're on a pretty tight budget for the time being, and she kept handing me all these things to try on, and i kept getting more and more excited at how well everything fit now, in addition to how adorable it all looked with a bump (they had those padded bumps you can attach around your waist so you can see how well the clothes will fit a few months down the road. i almost didn't want to take that off either, but i know the real baby bump will be much more adorable than a lumpy stuffed fake baby bump. in fact that would just be creepy...)

and while i was showing off another cute shirt, ben gives me a limit, and tells me to get whatever i want within that limit.

i can't even tell you how long it's been since my last shopping spree, so not only do i have pure joy in a pair of jeans, but now i get to pick out some staples (tank tops and t-shirts) that will last me all the way through pregnancy and even beyond.

it's amazing what new clothes that fit great and are comfortable to boot will do for a girl's self-esteem. :)

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