Friday, March 19, 2010

oh boy oh boy! (or girl?)

sorry if that was misleading. this has nothing to do with baby mushroom's gender (which, even if we did want to find that out - which we don't until baby's birth-day - it would be way too soon...), and everything to do with baby's nursery.

i have the day off tomorrow, and the plan is to go through enough boxes in the catch-all room so that we can clear out the nursery and ben can prime and paint it on sunday or monday. (he may or may not have to work monday, usually a day off for him, but his boss is out of town for a wedding, and if the weather goes stupid and gets all snowy on us, he might not make it back till monday.)

and the crib and changing table have already arrived, which means that once the nursery is painted, then we can start putting together and arranging the furniture.

we're planning on going with a light green color, we figure it's the most neutral, and ben doesn't like yellow - he says it's too girly. the plan is, if baby is a girl, i'll paint pictures of pink flowers on four or five square canvasses (i'm thinking about 10 inches tall/wide) that we'll hang in a row on the largest wall in the room. and if baby is a boy, i'll paint four or five pictures of fun bugs. or dinosaurs. or pirate things. or some other little boy thing yet to be determined. but probably bugs, because i think i could have fun with those. (not the creepy crawly ones, mind you. i'm thinking caterpillar, grasshopper, firefly, beetle, and an ant maybe? although i think ants seem a little boring, but i suppose i could make it work. i refuse to do spiders. they don't deserve to be dignified by getting their own painting in my child's room. they'll be lucky if they can escape the torturous clutches of the cat - who loves to tease and torment bugs before eating them - and are sighted by me first. i'll atleast give them a quick death. or scream for ben to come to my rescue and give them a quick death... depends on the size of the spider, really.)

anyhow - either way, i'm excited. obviously these paintings won't get done till after baby mushroom has arrived, but i'm okay with that. i'll probably buy the canvasses far in advance - maybe even during our trip to minnesota that we're leaving for in just two weeks?!?! (can you tell i'm excited for that one?) and i'd be willing to bet that i'll even hang the blank canvasses so i can arrange the furniture accordingly before baby arrives.

oh what fun this will be!

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