Wednesday, March 24, 2010

crazy dreams

i would have titled that "crazy pregnancy dreams," but i've had crazy dreams for as long as i can remember, so i don't think it'd be fair to blame these current ones on baby mushroom.

the first one, i was at ron of japan's (a japanese hibachi-grill style steakhouse located in chicago, one of my family's favorites, and a tradition for birthdays), and we were getting our food, but they didn't serve us the soup or salad that customarily comes with a meal. okay, no biggie. but then they didn't serve the shrimp appetizer that also comes with almost every meal. this stuff is like gold for your tastebuds. and the egg sauce that they put on top? i'm sure there's something illegal in it, because it's so frikkin addicting. but none of it. who knows when i'll actually get to go to ron's in real life... probably sometime after the baby is born when i hope to visit both minnesota and chicago so family and friends can meet the precious little bundle of poop and giggles. but to dream about it, and not even get my favorite part of going to ron's? pure torture.

my other crazy dream happened during naptime today. i dreamt that a friend's mom sent me an email asking me if i wanted to travel the world with her and drink green wine. i wasn't sure, so i decided to go visit ben at work to discuss it with him. when i got there and told him, he informed me that the email was just a ploy to get me to come to the paint store, because they had this new green wine oil (it was basically the consistency of grease paint, only green instead of black) that he needed my help demonstrating for the group of people they had in the store. it was at this point that i noticed ben only had a towel on, and i had a rag covered in the green wine oil in my hand, and so i wiped his entire (and i mean entire) backside - from shoulder to buttock on the right side with the green goop, while he explained the health benefits of rubbing green wine oil into your skin to the people all gathered around and watching.

my mom thought it was hilarious.

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