Sunday, March 14, 2010

"sounds" "ultra" good to me!!! (tee-hee, get it?)


so i've finally gotten around to scanning in the pictures they gave us from baby mushroom's very first photo shoot!

ben's out shooting... something? bow and arrow style with his boss, and i got bored sitting here alone on a sunday evening, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get the scanner going on our printer/scanner/copier (which is still going strong after an original purchase date of over 6 years ago - way to go, HP!)

(sidenote on ben "hunting" today - i think they're only target shooting? hence the quotes. anyhow: i made him promise me that he wouldn't get hurt in some hunting accident, telling them that helga and i would be very upset. oh yeah, and in a very brief conversation with ben this afternoon - a result from him rubbing my belly, me jokingly asking if he could feel the baby yet, and him responding, "well i can feel something hard in there," and my reply of, "yeah, that's my uterus" - i decided to name my uterus "helga" which just felt fitting for the name of this feminine ultra-protector of our little mushroom. and anyhow, i told him that if anything happened to him, i would be stressed out and unhappy, and that could gravely affect the health of our growing baby, and thus helga and i would both be very upset. i think i set him straight; he'll be coming home any minute now, i'm sure.)

but on to the fun stuff!!! here's pictures of baby mushroom at the tender age of 7 weeks and 3 days (or possibly only 7 weeks if we're gonna go with measurement... but who knows? maybe baby mushroom didn't get all the giant genes running around in mine and ben's dna?)

this is the first picture they took - on the left is the yolk sac. it's pretty much the baby's powerpack at this point, and eventually it just dissolves away i guess? once baby is able to receive everything it needs from the placenta? or something like that. i can't really remember. i'm not a baby scientist. and on the right is baby! even the nurses agreed by the end of the whole baby-look-see that little mushroom's head is probably at the top of the longer blob on the right. perhaps i shouldn't refer to my child as a blob, but really, can you come up with a better descriptor for that shape? 'cause i can't. :P

i think this is a view from the opposite angle - i don't want to say "backside" because, really, we could have been looking at baby's adorable little butt in the first one, but everything's so tiny and undefined (and to be quite honest, i'm not sure that a tushy has even been formed at this point...)

and this is probably the best picture we have of baby mushroom. ben thinks - and i agree - that the baby is on the right, yolk sac is a little bit behind and on the bottom left of baby, head is at the top, and possible spinal column on the right? the nurses wouldn't confirm a spinal column (again, too soon? i've no idea, so ultimately, i'm trusting their brains on this one), but they did say that they could identify the brain area at the top.

so there ya have it! our very first baby pictures! :)

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