Monday, March 29, 2010

pukey-ville :(

(my apologies for the possible tmi)

last night ben and i decided to join some friends to go see "how to train you dragon" (which i have to admit, i was pleasantly surprised to at how much i enjoyed it, and how good it was), and of course i got the medium popcorn and white cheddar seasoning. (that's one thing i love about the movie theater here - they have white cheddar, parmesan garlic, ranch, and another seasoning i can't remember that you can pour over your popcorn. SO good!)

well it must have been too much oil or too hard on my stomach or something, because baby mushroom/my digestive system was having none of it.

i'm 11 weeks along, and not one bit of "morning" sickness. but by 2AM, a stupid bucket of popcorn does me in. i hate throwing up in general, but i'm now convinced that popcorn has got to be the absolute worst when it comes to "losing your lunch."

thankfully, though, it was just the popcorn and not a late onset of morning sickness. i'd really prefer not to ever puke again, if at all possible.

all that grossness said and done, baby is the size of a lime this week (a small lime - only 1.6 inches and a quarter of an ounce).

tomorrow at 1:15 pm is my next checkup... i would assume they'll do another ultrasound, in fact i'm hoping and praying that they do, and that everything is still normal and how it should be. with not having any morning sickness (again, still grateful for it, but because of that...) i still don't really "feel" pregnant, and it's easy to start worrying that the baby will have stopped developing, or that something terrible could have gone wrong. my dear friend who just had a baby this past september assured me that i would know if something was wrong, and i try to remind myself that everything is probably just fine, but i know i'll still feel so much better after i see it for myself on the ultrasound.

things are coming together though... lots to get done this week, and we're anxious to be on the road come friday. only 6 days till easter! :)

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