Wednesday, March 17, 2010

oopsie poopsie!

lately i've been getting addicted/wasting way too much time on "thebump," but more specifically, their chat forums, where people post questions/comments/concerns, and other people reply. the women can be catty, sarcastic, and sometimes even cruel (or at least that's how it seems in the "1st Trimester" board... in the "Due in October" board, the women seem to be much more understanding and sympathetic). people will post stupid questions like "i feel dizzy, does that mean i'm pregnant?" and others will post more serious issues that do get addressed accordingly. some posts are just fun or lighthearted, like "what are you craving today?" or "is everyone else this gassy?"... stuff like that.

but when it all comes down to it, none of it seems important or like i'm really connecting with anyone. sometimes i write a post, and people will respond, and it's fun to "interact" with other pregnant women... every once in awhile i'll respond to a post if i feel i have something helpful to add, or again, just feel like "interacting" (it's hard to view it as actual interaction when it's all online...)

but for the most part, i feel like i'm just getting caught up in soap operas for pregnant women. there's so much drama, and yet it is so entertaining... i can easily waste hours reading over the things that people write.... but why?!?! there are so many better/more productive things i could be doing, and while it may be entertaining in the moment, i always end up feeling frustrated with myself when i look at the clock and see how late it's gotten, and realize i've accomplished nothing worthwhile in all that time.

i think i'm just anxious for everyone to know i'm pregnant, and to have pregnant friends that i can compare and commiserate with... not that i've had anything to commiserate really - still no morning sickness - holler!

okay, i suppose i should get going, find something to do, have something to show for my day once ben gets home.... :\

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