Sunday, March 7, 2010


since we moved to the new address, we haven't had internet. and as i mentioned a few posts ago, i got hit with a headcold on monday... which - aside from the ruptured ear drum sinus infection i had back in 2006 - this is probably one of the worst head colds i've had in a long time....

so i got someone to cover my thursday shift, since i still wasn't feeling better, and on friday, i ended up visiting the clinic. i can't say that the doctor who treated me had the best bedside manners, but once my hormonal rollercoaster kicked into gear and i started bawling, she finally gave me some slack. (i'll admit, i probably seemed like a total nutcase, freaking out over a headcold, but - and my apologies if this is a bit gross - i've been coughing up very "colorful" phlegm for about 5 days, and just when this cold seemed to be getting better, i would wake up the next morning feeling worse. hence my trip to the clinic. and this being my first pregnancy, i wasn't exactly sure how headcolds affected baby mushroom, or how the effects of baby mushroom might be affecting my head cold....) anyhow, so she finally agreed that i should stay home and rest for a couple of days, which means the past three days i've been mostly sleeping, drinking all the fluids that i could, and sleeping some more.

so i haven't been to the library to check up on the internet, and i feel so out of it - mentally, physically, you name it.

and even though i am feeling better, i'm still so very fatigued.

but as it turns out, according to the bump:

Your Pregnancy: Week 8

Playing host to an ever-growing embryo does take a toll. Heavy fatigue may be setting in, along with abdominal cramping and tender breasts. Treat yourself gently, and it doesn't hurt to remind your partner to do the same. Though it's not showing yet, you're growing a little person in there!

and baby mushroom is the size of a raspberry this week!

i also got ben to watch national geographic's "in the womb" with me - it's a fascinating look at how the baby develops in those 9 months of growth and creation.

(i had previously rented it from the library when ben was out of town for some work thing - this was while we were still trying, months before baby mushroom actually came into being. this time we rented it from netflix, and it finally arrived)

anyhow, i forgot that at the end they show the birth, and this woman, she's grunting and groaning, and i'm not looking, because quite honestly, the whole baby's-head-pushing-through-a-small-hole factor freaks me out. i think i'm getting better at dealing with the fact that i'll have to go through it (God-willing i don't need a c-section), but i still don't want to see it. so i've got my hands over my eyes, and all i can think of is, goodness, this woman sounds like a dying elephant. and i turned to ben and said, "ben, i don't want to sound like a dying elephant when i give birth."

ben laughed and said, "zoe, i will still love you, even if you sound like a dying elephant. do you want me to tell you that during labor?"

"why can't you tell me that i sound like a choir of angels?"

"because i'm no good at lying; i'd never be able to pull it off."

"okay, then. when the time comes, just tell me that you love me, and we'll ignore the dying elephant in the room."


i guess that will have to do, but in the meantime, i think i'll start practicing my groans and grunts to make sure i don't sound like a dying elephant.

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  1. i love this post! im bummed that you were sick but ill keep reading and hopefully youll tell me that you cold didnt last all through march. : )