Friday, March 12, 2010

oh phoeey

the two things i've been craving all morning (not necessarily together, just one or the other):

eggs over easy with a side of toast (oh how i love those runny eggs!)
  • on the chat forum at, most replies i've gotten to my egg question is no runny what-so-ever, but several have said things along the lines of: "i have them over medium like always! i can't eat them any other way and it's one of the few things that i can stomach that has protein in it," or "i've had a few sunny side up eggs at home -- i just cooked them a little more than i normally do," and "i think ideally, if you're having eggs that are less than fully cooked, they're supposed to be pasteurized eggs. that said, i've been guilty of not following this rule," and aren't all eggs pasteurized these days? if mine are, i might just give in... and then there's this last one, "i've just heard they have to be warmed through, which will kill the salmonella. i don't do fried eggs. but i do like over easy..." so really, it should be fine... but we'll see how far my paranoia gets me :\
  • i also remember reading an article in some health-nut magazine that the hype over raw/undercooked eggs is highly overrated, and that really the risk of getting salmonella is so rare, that they're fine to eat, and then went on to list the health benefits of raw/undercooked eggs. (i'm sure momma Z still wouldn't approve, but for when i'm not pregnant, i'm more than happy to believe it.)

or a tuna melt.
  • also considered off limits to what i'm finding online. (although a very dear friend said that canned tuna is okay, and really, you have to make your own rules... i went to her first, because i know she's a little more relaxed than i am, and her baby is happy and healthy and beautiful! and really, i just wanted the "go ahead" to eat tuna. but then pregnancy induced paranoia set in...)
  • this article claims it's okay... while this article says no, and while the first is from WikiAnswers, so i think just about anyone can reply? the second is 4 years old... so maybe new data suggests otherwise?
  • and it's not like i'm craving tuna every day. i think just one tuna melt and i'd be happy.

so all in all, i haven't eaten yet today (except for a banana before the gym) because i've been trying to find out whether or not i can eat what i'm craving or if i have to go and find something else that will suffice...

oh, and next week, baby mushroom will be the size of a green olive!

woof, all this talk of food, i need to eat - sayonara folks!

update: my eggs aren't pasteurized and even though ben says we have a can of tuna somewhere, there's none to be found. harumph. i'm taking it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be. ben says i shouldn't worry about this stuff as much as i do, but i can't help it. i'd hate for a choice i made - knowing full well of possible risks - to end up being the reason my baby gets only 6 fingers instead of 10... and while i realize that this kind of extreme thinking is highly irrational, even for a pregnant woman, it's still the kind of stuff i think about. (okay, maybe not lack or surplus of fingers and toes, but developmental issues, psychological issues, and so on.)

anyhow, i finally decided on mac 'n cheese for lunch. it may not be the healthiest, but it was the only other item in our pantry that was appealing, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. i'll try not to eat the whole box, but i make no promises :P

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