Monday, March 15, 2010

i frikkin LOVE our insurance!

i never thought i'd speak such words... but it's true.

the insurance that ben gets through sherwin williams (aetna is our provider) just sent me a free gift in the mail for signing up for their "beginning right" maternity program and taking the pregnancy risk survey before my 16th week.

it was pretty much a no brainer to sign up for the program, as doing so ups our insurance to cover 90% of our baby's costs (prenatal/delivery/post-partum/etc.) once we meet the deductible (as opposed to only 80%). and there's a cap for our out of pocket limit, so once that's reached, they take care of it all. (it's not that long ago that the insurance we had was obnoxiously difficult, and barely worth using. in fact i'm not sure if we even did ever use it... and even more recently that we had no insurance and relied entirely on the grace of God... i have full faith in God to take care of us, but oh glory, it's a great relief to have good insurance.)

and the free gift? the mayo clinic's guide to a healthy pregnancy! it even has that new book smell - oh i love it!

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