Tuesday, March 23, 2010

nothing new... for now at least.

i had another "fib" moment at work today. a friend i work with was commenting on my jeans and asked where i got them. "motherhood maternity" might have been a little obvious. and while i've stated before how gap's jeans and pants are generally the only ones that fit me (for full length styles, at least), i didn't want to say that they were from the gap in case she was a gap fan like myself and knew their pants inside and out to know that they're not quite the same cut/style/wash/etc. as what the gap offers. i know, pregnancy paranoia has become my latest symptom.

so i made up some spiel about hitting up the sales at jc pennies when we were in billings.

oh i feel so guilty.

meanwhile, my latest food cravings have consisted mostly of protein - ground beef, eggs, chicken, black bean burritos - i can't seem to get enough of it.

also, ice cream and tortilla chips? amazing! (but i'll be honest, i first discovered that combo while working summer camp at PLCBC, which was waaaaayyyy before i got knocked up - so it must just be that it's another salty/sweet combo, which i love so much.)

crunchy snack food (ie - probably not the best for me junk, like chex mix, fritos, cheetos, popcorn, flavored pretzels, crunch n munch, and so on...)

and last but not least, chocolate, especially the chocolate i don't eat anymore (due to the highly infuriating fact that slavery is used for harvesting the cacao beans that are used in a great deal of the world's chocolate.) snickers, twix, midnight milky ways, crunch bars, hershey's chocolate almond bars, reese's peanut butter cups, buenos, all the easter candy currently available - like chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies! ....i have yet to hear anything encouraging from the companies who produce these chocolate products concerning the ethical treatment of the farmers who are harvesting their chocolate. so we've stocked up on lindt, which is a little pricier, but still so delicious. (they, along with godiva, and possibly nestle, and of course, anything certified "fair trade" or with a statement on it declaring their support of ethical practices/fairly traded/etc., are opposed to the use of slavery for their products.) and yet, even though i have chocolate available to me, it's still not a peanut/nougat/caramel gooey goodness drenched in chocolate.

i should stop while i'm ahead. it's spaghetti & biggest loser night here in the B. household, and i probably shouldn't continue going on about all the chocolate and salty deliciousness that i've been craving if i'm going to successfully refrain from stuffing my face and spoiling my dinner.

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