Wednesday, March 3, 2010

flutter flutter!

so yesterday ben and i went to our very first prenatal visit, including ultrasound!

with the fact that i still don't really feel different, aside from slight nausea every now and again, some fatigue here and there, and the extra tenderness in "the ladies" - i definitely worried that we'd get there, and in the ultrasound they'd find nothing, or that baby mushroom had stopped growing, or that something had gone horribly wrong...

well we got there, and i was able to maintain my excitement despite the worry. they had a huge fish tank filled with saltwater fish and live coral, which was pretty cool and kept ben entertained while i filled out a billion pages worth of paperwork. soon enough, we met with nurse dotty - she was super friendly, super helpful, and i really liked her - along with all the staff, really. so that was a relief from the get-go. (i'm not sure what i'd do if the staff/dr had turned out to be horrible and mean and nightmarish, seeing as dr. williams and dr. cruz are the only female ob/gyn's that our insurance covers, and as of octoberish? dr. cruz is not accepting new patients.)

anyhow, we finally get to the part i've been waiting for since we found out about little baby mushroom - since it was so early still, they did an internal ultrasound instead of one on top of the belly.

definitely felt a little awkward for my first time with these new people, but i'm grateful for the new technology (i'm guessing it would have been too difficult to see baby mushroom with the over-the-belly type of technology that is most commonly used for ultrasounds) - especially since the nurses said that this kind of technology wasn't even available 5 years ago. and i suppose i should get used to awkward, as i hear that pooping on the delivery table is totally "normal" (yikes!)

but sure enough, as the nurse moves the wand around to find baby mushroom, we see a large black bean shaped thing, and inside that bean shaped thing is a grey little pooch attached to a grey little bean, and within that grey little bean, a little flutter, a flicker from light to dark to light again, a heartbeat.

she said that everything was looking just fine. the baby measures at 8mm right now, and so she has little mushroom at 7 weeks exactly (yesterday), instead of the 7 weeks 3 days that we thought we were at. so it's possible dr. williams will move my due date to october 19th instead of october 16th... for sentimental reasons, i think i'll stick with the 16th until the dr. decides to confirm otherwise (the 16th is the same day ben and i were married on, albeit in june, and if on the 16th, our baby is due the same month and day that ben's grandpa on his dad's side passed away, and my cousin's wife is due in april on the same day our grandma on his dad's (my mom's) side passed away... which just seems pretty neat, if you ask me - a whole circle of life kinda thing.)

my next appointment is march 29th, and my mom just informed me that the crib and changer have already shipped, and i got a shirt and some screen printing paint to make a shirt so we can tell ben's family with a photo slideshow when we see them on easter.... and gee golly, these four and a half weeks cannot go by fast enough.

baby mushroom is finally sinking in. baby mushroom has a heartbeat. baby mushroom is still about the size of a blueberry. (apparently i was reading that chart wrong, oops.) baby mushroom is going to be here in 7 months and 13 days (give or take a few). i cannot wait to meet baby mushroom (and see if baby mushroom is a girl or a boy so we can name him or her and not have to refer to it as an it, and not have to call it baby mushroom for the rest of its life).

oh, AND! the maternity cords that i ordered from the gap came in yesterday, and they fit perfect (with plenty of stretch for room to grow), and i love them.... i've always loved cords. yesterday was a fantastic day. and i love being pregnant. and i can't wait to meet our little one who will probably grow up to be a giant with all those tall genes running through their dna.


(ps - thanks everyone for your prayers, encouragement and excitement with us over our baby. it makes it so much more tangible to be able to share this with the people we know and love, and so much more exciting in every step of the way.)

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