Tuesday, March 30, 2010

don't worry, be happy!

oh hallelujah! little baby mushroom is doing just splendidly!!!

we saw the heartbeat, we saw movement, we saw a face and ears and nose and arms and legs, hands and fingers (feet and toes kept moving out of the view-finder-screen-thingy). it was amazing!

and i have to say, this was even MORE exciting than the first time we got to meet our little baby-in-progress. before, baby looked more like a pinto bean than a baby, and there was no movement. today, baby moved an arm up so we couldn't see his/her face (must be camera shy), and then was possibly sucking a thumb, and the fact that baby mushroom no longer resembled a pinto bean, but an actual little baby. oh glory, all my fears just melted away.

here's a picture of the thumb-sucking, and a video clip of the heart beat:

baby is facing left, and obviously it's 3D, which is pretty cool, because now you can see details like a little ear, fingers, an eye, a nose, a cheek, and a knobby little knee and leg at the bottom left corner. the long stripedy-looking thing is the umbilical cord.
(hint: if you click on the picture, it will open up a bigger version.)

here, baby is located with the head in the upper left, and directly facing the "camera." the flickering you see? (it's not a very long clip, only a few seconds, so you may have to watch it a few times before you catch it) that's the heartbeat! :)


  1. oh, i love it! :) thanks for adding these to your blog! isn't it just amazing that little heartbeat started not too long ago and now it's going full blast?