Wednesday, April 7, 2010


easter sunday has come and gone. we made the announcement to family with the decoy "house tour" video that ben and i had made just for the occasion. after all the family knew, i was free to tell the world! (although, on the way over from wyoming, i delighted in the fact that i could tell complete strangers - at subway, when the girl behind the counter asked what i wanted, i replied with "we're going to share the $5 footlong with the ham, but i'm pregnant and paranoid. could you nuke the ham for me?" it was glorious... both the freedom and the sandwich.)

so now everybody knows. (hi everybody!)

and also on the way over, when we stopped at the crazy horse monument and had lunch in their restaurant, in a moment of hormonal crazed awesomeness, i cried over a patty melt. it was my first ever patty melt. and it was definitely worth the tears.

as for baby mushroom, many of ben's relatives had guessed that i might be pregnant before we even said anything. apparently my bump is not just bloat and pudge as i thought it was. apparently my bump is apparent to everyone as just that... a baby bump. oh and it thrills me. here i'd been feeling so self-conscious, so frustrated with what i could only see as extra fluff around the middle.

currently baby is the size of a plum. and i love plums.
we're currently still visiting with ben's parents/siblings... it'll be nice to take it easy for a few more days.

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