Sunday, April 25, 2010

oh funsies!

today we got the nursery fully set up - everything has been painted/assembled/put in place, but clothes had not been folded and put away, sheet put on the mattress, items not organized and made a home for. but today after church and some home-made hummus, i finally got around to doing just that. i pretty much love "nesting" - although i still need to purchase some dreft (although i hear all's free and clear is a perfectly suitable alternative for less the price), wash it all, and refold it/put away/etc.... i suppose i should have done that first, but i wanted to get the room looking good before my parents arrive this weekend, and i still have 5 months and 3 weeks to wash them, so i'm not too worried.

in other news, ben claims that i'm now a furnace due to pregnancy. i wasn't aware that this was a side-effect, and i really don't feel all that warm all the time, but i have to admit, i get very warm while at work, when i get moving around too much (like while vacuuming the baby's room), and supposedly while i sleep - again, according to ben. maybe that whole "bun in the oven" thing actually has something to do with pregnancy. maybe i really am baking my baby :p


  1. that's so exciting! i bet you're going to be spending a lot of time in there dreaming of what is to come :)

    my suggestion on the laundry detergent...try washing one onesie or something in regular detergent you use for your own clothes. if baby doesn't get a rash from it, you don't have to go through the hassle of always buying separate detergent and keeping baby's clothes in separate loads. adelaide never had a problem, but i know a.j. still needs detergent for sensitive skin...depends on the kid...

  2. Zoe i am soo impressed you already have your nursery set up...that is so great. and you need to show us pictures so we can see; I am sure it is beautiful...
    Oh and about the detergent; you don't need dreft you can just buy/use any brand of dye free detergent (i like arm and hammer, but All is good too); then you can wash all the clothers together...this is what i always buy b/c aj and i have sensitive skin, plus its better for the enviroment.

  3. these are great tips - thanks girls!!!
    i'll try and get pictures of the nursery up soon! (plus i have new ultrasound pics) - it's been a crazy busy week! :)