Thursday, April 8, 2010

who doesn't love pizza?

me! well, when it's my face, that is. :\

pregnancy hormones must be soaring right now, because i've never had so much acne in my entire pubescent career. and while the dr. told me the neutrogena stuff i'd been using prior to pregnancy is still okay, i googled salicylic acid, and i'm not entirely convinced... and i'd like to believe that it's just the fact that there's more moisture in the air here in minnesota than there is in wyoming, but i doubt that's the case.

i feel like the 15 year old boy with cracking voice that works the grill at mc donalds.

and i have another head cold.... it doesn't seem nearly as bad as the last one i went through that took over a week to get over, and at least we're on vacation so i can take it super easy and hopefully get better before we have to drive back. sinus congestion + mountain passes & changing elevations = disastrous recipe for ruptured ear drum... eep.

everybody's at work/school right now, and ben's visiting friends in iowa. i'm going back to bed. :)

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