Thursday, April 22, 2010

is THAT what it is? :\

today i started getting these shooting/cramping pains right around my tailbone or what seems like the base of my spinal column and where my butt joints into my leg? (not my hips, it's a slightly strange location, to say the least). just walking would put me in a limp. thankfully it didn't last long, but my boss noticed it, and asked how i was doing. i told her about the pain, and mentioned how i wasn't sure, but had heard that some pregnant women get sciatic pain, and maybe that it was it? she confirmed, that yes, that's probably what i'm feeling. awesome. although it's really not that bad, and it didn't last for long... just more practice for labor pain, right? :p

meanwhile the exhaustion still seems to be an issue. granted, i'm now working close to 40 hours a week, which is fantastic for our finances and getting that nest-egg built up before my little egg finally hatches, but boy am i tired! i seem to remember hearing that the 2nd trimester is usually when women feel their best and the most energized. but i gotta say, while i do feel great, my body definitely didn't get the memo on that bit about extra energy.

baby is still only the size of a lemon, and we currently have (about) 5 months and 24 days to go - i have a countdown on my computer... my preggo-brain is definitely not that good anymore. :p

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