Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a quick hello and a little bit of creepiness

last night i dreamt that coffee beans (straight up - not chocolate covered or anything) were a great snack food, and i kept them in my pocket and ate them throughout my dream. maybe i'm around coffee too much?

this morning has been terrifying. nothing to do with the baby. everything to do with evil bugs.

as i posted on facebook:

"i had a brush-in with a brutal bloodsucker (not talking twilight, here folks): found something in my hair in the middle of the night, couldn't figure out what it was, stupidly decided to leave it till morning. ben's alarm goes off, "ben, check this out for me!" thankfully the dumb thing was only matted in my hair, not my skin. no matches were required, and ben was valiantly victorious! (i hate ticks.)"

and just five minutes ago:

"i found the cat mangling a spider the size of a giant raisin. i could SEE it's fangs. from over a foot away! and of course the cat just wanted to torture it, not eat it, so i had to find a way to catch and flush it (since ben's at work). barf."

so yeah, i called ben in a fit of terror, and told him that we need to bug-bomb the house.

i can't stop running my fingers through my hair to make sure there are no more creepy-crawlies. i'm now terrified of my shoes, as i only discovered the evil spider because the cat kept trying to attack my slippers - which were no longer on my feet at this point. i lift up the one she's closest too, and clinging to the bottom of it is a 5 legged spider (i'm guessing she had already removed 3 of its legs. she's pretty awesome like that).

i think it's time to get out of the house and spend all day inside somewhere else that's not bug-exposed. or perhaps i should just buy one of those tick/flea collars for dogs and were it around for awhile. that wouldn't harm the baby, right?

eeeeh. what a morning. :\

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